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 Advice – How to sell

Advice to properly sell your home,

You've decided to sell your property without an intermediary? Before planting your sign, read on.

In Canada, many homeowners sell their homes without the services of a realtor. They attempt to save the classic rate of about 6 or 7% of the selling price of the house. This could represent the tidy sum of $ 24,500 on a property of $ 350 000. Excluding taxes.

Here are some tips from our experts on how to achieve this goal on your own.


  1. Fix what needs to be fixed
  2. In competition with hundreds of home owners, you must highlight your home. A thorough cleaning is indeed desirable. Has the broken window been replaced? Does the paint need a new coat? Is your lawn well maintained?

    Selling your home depends largely on the impression that potential buyers will have while visiting. Do not hesitate to walk through your home as objectively as possible and repair or replace what you think might detract a buyer from making an offer on your home .You could also use a professional home staging expert (Note: To Link With home staging tab). He or she is in the business of emphasizing your homes attributes in order to make it as appealing as possible to the greater number of buyers.


  3. Set a fair price
  4. According to CAA-Habitation, evaluating one’s home is the main difficulty faced by home owners. If the price is too high, potential buyers will flee. Instead, if it is too low, the property will sell very quickly, but the owner may not enjoy the full potential of his property.

    To gauge your market, look at other properties offering similar attributes as yours that are for sale in your area by visiting such websites as

    Once you have found comparable properties you will be in a better position to price your asset at the right price.


  5. Prepare relevant documents
  6. You must provide certain documents, including a certificate of location and a copy of your tax bill, the latter including the municipal evaluation. Make sure you have them in hand. You will also need the descriptive sheet of your property (just print your ad on, copies of the evaluation report or inspection, if applicable, and a list of vendor declarations on issues that may affect the value of the property.


  7. Establish a marketing strategy
  8. When attempting to sell a property, the better the visibility, the better the chances of concluding the transaction quickly and at good price. To reach the largest possible number of potential buyers, the Internet is a must. By listing your home on your property will receive unparalleled visibility being listed on the network and the website. You can also use newspapers in your district to target people who do not have Internet access.


  9. Draft the offer to purchase with care
  10. The written offer must include information about the seller and buyer, as well as the conditions that will guide the transaction. For example, we should find the purchase price, personal property included in the sale, possession date and the date of transfer of ownership, etc.

    To write the offer to purchase, it is possible to obtain a form in bookstores or available on our website (link to forms). However, it is likely that the buyer will contact you via his or her agent, therefore the promise of purchase will be written by the agent according to the applicable rules in place.

    Good luck from!

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